Monday, May 29, 2006



Poetry by Kai said...

nice pic

Rus Bowden said...

Hi Christine,

It is a good shot.

Do you know Carol Saba? She put up In Flanders Fields and Taps.


Carol said...

Hi Christine,

Rus directed me to your blog to see this photo.

It is a picture for our times--the flag twisted around the pole, the pole leaning.Yet, the obvious patriotism of the family who erected it shines through. I am greatly moved.

Long time no see, good to find your spot on the web (one of your spots!), I'll be back.


Christine Klocek-Lim said...

kai, thanks! Took that one years and years ago.

Rus, thanks for stopping by. I haven't seen Carol's blog before, so I'm glad you gave me a link. Appreciate it!

Carol, thanks! I'm glad you liked the photo. I took this one years ago when I was first learning on an old film camera, imagine that! Film! :-)