Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Guardian's Poetry Workshop

I'm thrilled that another of my poems has appeared on the Guardian's Poetry Workshop shortlist. This workshop's theme on ekphrasis was written by Amy Newman. Checkout my poem, How to perceive red, and Newman's comments here: Words on pictures.


Robin Yim said...
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Robin Yim said...

I found and enjoyed your poem on perceiving the color red.

I particularly enjoyed finding the word vermilion which caught in my imagination.

I wrote this about finding this colorful word.

A Given Word Like Vermilion

Sometimes a word drifts like a vermilion leaf
blown down from the fingertips of a tree,
swirled in ecstatic whirls along the street
in the wake of passing cars, and then written
across this vacant lot, coming to rest with others,
against the blankness this chain link fence.


Christine Klocek-Lim said...

Robin, thank you for reading my poem. I'm very flattered that it inspired you to write such a lovely poem. Cheers!