Monday, March 17, 2008

Poem Spark Mar 17-31: Astronomical Poems

Salutations fellow poets!

My husband and I own a basic telescope and a lovely pair of astronomical binoculars. I've discovered that the beauty of the night sky has not even come close to diminishing, even though I've lived in Pennsylvania for six years now, after spending eleven years living beneath the orange glow that is the night sky in northern New Jersey. I think it will take decades before I tire of seeking out constellations, comets, meteor showers, and the occasional lunar eclipse. On a clear night, I can even see the Orion Nebula with my naked eye, well, if I squint, that is, which brings me to this poem spark: how many poems have been writing about heavenly bodies?

Unsurprisingly, there have been many. has an entire page devoted to Poems about the Heavenly Bodies. Obviously, the sky has always been a source of fascination for us writers. Here are a few good ones:

Ann K. Schwader Dead Light

Chris Forhan The Actual Moon, The Actual Stars

Eleanor Wilner Moon Gathering

Mark Jarman Unholy Sonnet

Your mission: write an astronomical poem. Write it about a star, or the moon, or a constellation, perhaps even the sun. Any of the stuff up there in the cosmos is a good subject, so don't be wary. Let us go together where many poets have gone before. Good luck!



Richard said...


Hope you'll accept a previously posted poem -

A1689 - ZD1: no there there

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

This is from a while ago...


Cheryl said...

I came up with this after watching the recent eclipse--


A woman is walking her blonde dog
when the world disappears. Shadows sweep
across the moon and swallow the houses
like trick swords and carnival fire. Things like that
should be packed away in a trunk, hidden
in the back of a truck someplace where people
are unshaken by the sight of a bloody sky,
who take each other onto the lawn to watch it bleed.

After the moon has blackened, the curtain pulls back
on a paring of light. The bright spot blooms
behind the silhouette of a woman on stilts, lurching
above the trees. Her house is where she left it--
the yellow dog points it out with cocked ear and lifted paw.
She steps over the dog and the house, eclipsing them.
No one notices the ragged sky she’s carrying on her back.

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

That is an extremely creative poem. Thanks for sharing.

I love the first line of your poem. Thanks!

Delightful! I love the surreality of your poem. Thanks for posting it!

tumblewords said...

This, too, is an older poem. I recently found this site - the Autumn Sky Poetry is one of the finest 'zines I've seen!

Somewhere in the Night

One More Believer said...

may i too humbling offer something i wrote during the february lunar elipse... LunarEclipse

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

One More Believer,

Yes, I enjoyed that lunar eclipse, too. Thanks for stopping by.